Live Well and Easy with an Automated Home

We all define a life of luxury a little differently. For some, it's grabbing their best buddy, Fido, when they get home from work and heading down to the park for a run. For others, it's enjoying caviar, oysters, and champagne from the aft deck of their yacht. For many, it's the little things, like enjoying a nice meal at The Lakehouse or heading to the Bellevue, WA, Zip Tour, and flying through the trees with the family.

Luxury is all a matter of taste. That's why, at Beemer Smart Home, your local Control4 dealer, no two of our client's projects are ever the same. Every smart home is uniquely designed to offer the automation and programming best suited to each person's lifestyle, dreams, and desires. The one thing we can guarantee: once you enter the world of smart living, there's no going back.

 Total Control

At Beemer Smart Home, we accomplish this unique customization by partnering with best-in-class brands. In the world of smart homes, that company is Control4. Two of the brand's many attributes are ease of control and ultimate integration. At last count, Control4 solutions work with tens-of-thousands of third-party consumer devices. That means we can program the system to control virtually everything in your home with one touch on a smartphone, tablet, handheld remote, or touchpad.

The kitchen and living room lights transform to the color of the setting sun, the spa heats, the outdoor gas fire pit ignites, the wine chills, the landscape illuminates, and the sound of soft jazz (or heavy metal) floats through your home and yard—and all because you tapped an icon on the tablet. Now that's luxury. 

Automated Solutions

But, wait, it gets better. What if your home greeted you in the morning, welcomed you when you arrived home from work, and turned itself off while locking the doors and arming the alarm when you went to sleep?

That's the "automated" part of home automation, and personalized programming and the latest technology make almost anything possible. Wake to your shades slowly rising and the lights brightening to a soft golden hue. Walk into the kitchen where the tea's warm and your favorite newscaster is already suggesting the possible, though not so probable, weather for the day. You watch as your lights transform throughout the day, mirroring the same hue of the beautiful outdoors. Your shades rise and lower, the temperature and humidity adjust, your afternoon podcast automatically turns on.

Is it family movie night? Just tap the "Movie" button, and the blackout shades lower, the Leiko Ikemua painting lifts to reveal your 85-inch 4K UHD TV, the lights dim, and high-fidelity surround sound fills the room.

With a Control4 home automation system, the control of your lighting, shades, entertainment, security, climate, and more all rest in the palm of your hand and your vocal cords. "Josh, lower the shades 50%, lock the doors, light the fireplace, and play Blacklist on Netflix." Your wish is's command.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of smart home living? To learn more about home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Beemer Smart Home today.