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Illuminating Wellness and Boosting Productivity: Unleashing the Power of Lighting Design and Automated Shades

In our previous article, we discussed the health benefits of automated shades. Now, we delve further into the fascinating realm of lighting design and automated shades, exploring how they can synchronize with your body's natural rhythms, augmenting the effects of natural sunlight even in the absence of it. This isn't about aligning chakras or mysticism, but rather the science behind how our bodies are wired and how technology can recharge us at home. From mimicking natural light to reducing glare, these solutions offer a friendly and high-level approach to creating healthier and more productive spaces.

Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment

Balancing our individual schedules and providing shade control, automated shades offer a defense against the challenges of too much or too little light in our rooms. Traditional blinds or coverings often fall short in keeping light out, causing rooms to be excessively bright or dark. This can lead to confusion and sluggish behavior when combined with improper lighting choices. Designing lighting solutions that mimic natural light, such as dynamic lighting and tunable white lighting, enhances overall wellness. By incorporating automated shades that maximize natural daylight and reduce UV effects on furniture and floors, we promote a healthy indoor environment.

Enhancing Productivity, Even During Relaxation

Proper lighting solutions have a significant impact on productivity, whether it's work-related or simply enjoying leisure activities at home. Understanding the concept of color temperature (Kelvins) and brightness (Lumens) allows us to tailor our lighting choices to specific tasks. With advanced lighting options, we can dynamically adjust Kelvin and Lumen settings at each bulb, even providing millions of color choices. By pressing a button, we can create ideal lighting scenarios for various activities, such as bright lighting for cooking, warm ambient lighting for socializing, and glare reduction for TV viewing. Automation synchronizes shades with the sun's position, automatically lowering shades and adjusting lighting to enhance the viewing experience. These automated solutions simplify lighting control and benefit everyone in the home, making it a user-friendly experience that improves the health and productivity of the entire family.


We find ourselves in a time where lighting and shade design take center stage in home improvement. The impact of lighting reaches every corner of our homes and affects our daily lives. No longer do we need to settle for dim or harsh lighting, dark dungeons, or improper shadows. Lighting design and automated shades offer the key to unlocking wellness and productivity. Designed to perfection, these solutions optimize our living spaces, ensuring the right color and brightness for every task. With friendly and high-level approaches, we can embrace the potential of lighting design and automated shades, transforming our homes into healthier, more productive environments. It's time to illuminate wellness and unlock the benefits of an energized and purposeful living space.

If you are in the Kirkland area and would like to learn more about lighting and shading automation or to schedule a visit to our showroom where you can see the experience first-hand, give us a call, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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