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Enhancing Outdoor Living: The Benefits of Utilizing Outdoor Shades to Extend the Entertaining Season

Enhancing Outdoor Living: The Benefits of Utilizing Outdoor Shades to Extend the Entertaining Season


Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of Kirkland, Washington, lies a hidden gem—the patio. A patio serves as an ideal extension of your living space, allowing you to relish the stunning surroundings while creating an inviting atmosphere for entertainment and relaxation. To make the most of this outdoor sanctuary throughout the year, consider the invaluable addition of outdoor shades. Today, we will explore the benefits of utilizing outdoor shades to extend the entertaining season, focusing on shading, bug control, and protection from wind and rain.

Shading: Embrace Comfort and Beat the Heat

Seattle is known for its mild summers, but that doesn't mean you can't make your patio a comfortable oasis when the sun shines its brightest. Outdoor shades provide a reliable solution to keep your patio shaded, reducing the impact of direct sunlight, and protecting you and your guests from harmful UV rays. By effectively blocking or filtering the sun's rays, outdoor shades create a cool and comfortable environment, ensuring that you can enjoy the patio even on scorching summer days. By maintaining a comfortable temperature, you can extend your outdoor entertaining season, making your patio the go-to spot for gatherings all summer long. Of course, automating your shades makes the space even more likely to be utilized, and with brands like Lutron, and Insolroll, you can raise and lower your shades with the touch of a button, or automate them based on the time of day to protect furniture, rugs, and flooring.

Keeping Bugs at Bay: Enjoying Nature, Minus the Unwanted Guests

Kirkland's beautiful surroundings are undoubtedly a magnet for buzzing insects and pesky bugs. Nothing can dampen the joy of an outdoor gathering quite like uninvited winged visitors. Outdoor shades act as a barrier between you and these intruders, creating a bug-free zone where you can unwind without constantly swatting away insects. With outdoor shades in place, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without having to worry about bites or unwelcome distractions, allowing you and your guests to fully appreciate the serene ambiance your backyard has to offer late into the evening. Based on your specific needs, we can help you choose between various colors, patterns, and even provide pet and puncture-resistant options, all while keeping winged pests out of your outdoor sanctuary.

Reducing Wind and Rain: A Shield Against Unpredictable Weather

Kirkland's weather is renowned for its ever-changing nature, where gentle breezes can quickly turn into gusty winds and the occasional drizzle can transform into a heavy downpour. Outdoor shades provide a protective shield, allowing you to make the most of your patio regardless of the weather conditions. They effectively block and reduce wind, preventing gusts from disrupting your gatherings or scattering your outdoor decor. Additionally, outdoor shades are designed to be weather-resistant, offering protection against light rain showers, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy your patio, savoring the fresh air without getting drenched.


As residents of Washington, we are fortunate to be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. With the addition of outdoor shades, you can enhance your outdoor living experience, extending the entertaining season and making the most of your patio year-round. Whether you desire a shaded oasis during the sweltering summer months, a bug-free haven to enjoy the outdoors, or a shield against unpredictable weather, outdoor shades provide an excellent solution. Embrace the comfort, tranquility, and versatility that outdoor shades bring to your patio and enjoy the enchanting setting we live in throughout the year.

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