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Struggling with Your LED Lights? Fix the Issue with Linear Lighting!

A living room and dining area illuminated by beautiful linear lighting on the ceiling.

Integrate our innovative linear lighting layers into your home for a whole new lighting experience 

Your lighting plays a bigger role in your lifestyle than you may think. Adding the right lighting solutions is what makes the difference between a functional house and a luxurious home. Luckily, technology and interior design have advanced so much over the years that finding lighting solutions that provide you with a comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing home is easier than ever.

The best example of the above is LED lighting, which offers important benefits, as it is easily controllable, eco-friendly, and the best lighting option to elevate your unique interior décor.

Unfortunately, they're not exempt from some shortcomings. For example, inconsistent dim levels between fixtures, changing Kelvin temperatures over time or strange flickering when dimmed are just a few of the most common issues with LED lights. But no worries! At Beemer Smart Home, we can help you tackle any LED lighting challenges you may encounter.

In this blog, we will explore three amazing linear lighting installations that will completely elevate your living spaces in Seattle, WA. 

Good Lighting Design

Trulux Dimmable is a great lighting option if you want to keep your home stylish and comfortable on a budget. For only $20 per foot, this LED tape dims to 1% with no flickering or drop-outs. It is equipped with warm dim technology to help you create cozier and more inviting spaces, and it is perfectly safe to use indoors and outdoors. Ain't that a bargain?

A Better Lighting 

If you're looking to improve your experience while remaining cost-effective, Trulux RGBTW is the lighting solution for you. This LED tape is capable of dimming to 0.1% and offers tunable white lighting technology, which allows you to have full control of your color temperature so you can create the ambiance to fit your mood or whim.

Want to make your lighting experience more fun and unique? Trulux RGBTW allows you to fully personalize your lighting thanks to the RGB color spectrum technology, which provides you with over 16 million color combinations. Sounds like a good fit for your home? Get it for only $35 per foot! 

Best Solutions From a Professional Lighting Designer

There are two ways to look at your lighting installations. You can view them as useful tools to illuminate your spaces or as a crucial element to make your lifestyle much more luxurious and create a unique living experience. If you're inclined toward the latter, then adding Lutron Ketra to your home is a must.

Ketra offers a wide light spectrum from a candle-like 1400k to super bright 10,000K, a vibrancy feature to transform and highlight your artwork, more than 16 million hues to bathe your spaces in fun colors, and a Kelvin self-calibration system. Plus, it has human-centric technology that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors by mimicking the changes of natural sunlight throughout the day. For this lighting solution, prices are around $265 per foot for the Lightbar Slim or $465 per foot for the G2 Linear.

At Beemer Smart Home, we are passionate about helping you make every area of your home more beautiful, enjoyable and inviting. Are you ready to integrate the smart linear lighting solutions that will elevate your Washington home? Reach out to our team right here or drop a message in the chat box below.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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